Phillip Ivy(non-registered)
amazing photos--not a better eye for photography on the planet--always fun to see your work
Charlie Nye(non-registered)
Great seeing your work. I was a grad student in PhotoJ at the University of Missouri when you taught there, now 40 years ago. I retired from The Indianapolis Star a little over a month ago and in my newfound free time am enjoying Googling colleagues from the past. Glad to see you are still making beautiful photos
Kathy Kolby(non-registered)
Thank you so much for adding to my beautiful day - these are breathtaking! I have "Bing" as my home start page and it begins my day with a wonder and smile. kk
Louis Kimery(non-registered)
Great site, and beautiful images. Thanks for the insightful instruction at the University of Memphis.
Charles Biggers(non-registered)
Thanks for all of your beautiful photos. Keep up the good work!
Rex Kesler(non-registered)
I was a student in one of your classes at Missouri in 1980. I left to pursue a more commercial avenue instead of journalism. I have had a portrait studio here in Kansas for the last 25 years. A friend from Missouri were talking about our time there and some instructors we had, so I thought I would look you up. Still love your work.
Ashlee Grove(non-registered)
Wow... genius! These are spectacular, and they are brilliantly displayed here. Wonderful! Can't wait to share this on my facebook page with the world.
Jin Yang(non-registered)
Art, like your name, your works are all great art. I enjoyed them all, as always.
Bob Rhoades(non-registered)
Really enjoy your daily photos and look forward to them. I for one would be interested in info about camera, F/stops etc on each. Best regards, Bob
Richard R. Ranta(non-registered)
Nice to see some of the lovely, amazing photographs that I have come to love from you over our years together at the U of Memphis.

Site looks terrific. R3
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